Home language learning French

Learn to speak French with your family!

One request and answer at a time.

"Have you washed your hands?" "Oui!"

Your conversations...

in French

Just like you were there, waking up to croissants and hot cocoa and a "bonjour mon petit!"

Make speaking French with your kids happen chez vous today!

This is Angela and Thierry's Franco-American family of English AND French speakers.

They can show you the way to make French part of your everyday life as well.

And you will love every minute of it!

Language learning has always started at home.

YOU can create your own second-language immersion in your own home.

Day by day, just as you learned your first language.

Worlds expand and opportunities grow because of a new language.

We make it easy for you-

with or without any knowledge of French, by creating dialogs you can use now.

See your family's horizons open up!

Week by Week

  Introduction and How-to-Use Manual
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 1 - Our whole day
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 2 - Starting our Day
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 3 - Throughout the morning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 4 - Out in all weather
Available in days
days after you enroll
  French with Kids - Week 5 Review and Quiz
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 6 - Cooking and Kitchen
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 7 - Sad, mad, sick and fixing all that
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Week 8 - Must Do Before We Go
Available in days
days after you enroll
Building blocks of phrases create ever-expanding vocabulary and use of French in any situation that may arise.

Delivered online

For use in real life

A language is meant to be shared and to be USEFUL too: understood and responded to.

French with Kids is an exchange of language, made for real life with real family members.

If there is a reason to speak, there will be a phrase in French for it…starting small and doable in ten minutes or less a day.

Peek inside a day!

Day by Day

Week by Week

Season by Season

Angela loves to share her favorite second language with families.
She is CONVINCED you will grow your own and your family's French with her.

She lived in France for half of her adult life, pursuing wave-watching on the Atlantic shore, and enjoying life the French way.

The most important thing you need to know is that she is a mother who has raised a family in two languages and taught many others to do the same.

She knows how to do much with little.
Little time? Make the most of every minute.

Little money? This program is super affordable, targeted at ALL families of ANY budget, because she wants to world to wake up bilingual!

She is also a freelance French interpreter and she holds a master's degree in French/English translation, but that is not what makes her a good teacher of languages.

That comes from the heart, from an inner fire to open up our ears to the beautiful languages of the planet, conversation by conversation.

This is a daily practice for her; life in two languages, alongside her husband, Thierry, and their five children.

This course includes:
- dialogs of short sentences each week plus fun weekend bonuses
-presented in power point for ease of reading and listening
-separate audio files
-plus printable transcripts: all the ways to sprinkle your new phrases OFFLINE throughout the day
-bonus live calls each month to ask your questions, check pronunciation and enrich your vocabulary
Start right now, click here for week one free. Listen, repeat and talk to one another.
Oui; you can!

Outdoors Bonus Lesson

  • Take your French learning on the go: in the park, on a walk, on a drive, in the dark!

  • A poster and presentation with pronunciation on all the things kids do outside and how to do them in French.

J'ai apprécié ce course!

My friend and I committed to calling each other each day to go over the dialogue and the vocabulary on the resource page. We had fun swapping roles, dramatizing the dialogue, and discussing how we might incorporate the phrases in future conversations. We are looking forward to more adventures in conversing en français. Merci beaucoup!

Elizabeth Russell

I had fun doing this class!

Working on pronunciation was a challenge, but the audio, visual and written all work together to make it easy. The dialogs are what happens in my day. It is easy to find spots to use them. The video calls gave me a chance to practice, to do it over, if I wanted to talk, and I did. This is unlike every other time I tried to learn French, with a cassette or a book or a program online.

Mary Rand

It became a focal point for my week.

I had a blast being a part of it and it became a focal point for my week, which was really nice. My speaking partner was sweet and funny and a great guy. We were well-matched in our levels of French and willingness to make mistakes with each other. We may try having future conversations, maybe every few weeks, to keep being able to practice. I was nervous about it all, but Angela and Thierry made it easy and interesting.

Theresa Alberti writer and creator at: http://penandmoon.com/

This course is closed for enrollment.


Lessons come with merveilleux, included, free bonuses: one adorable poster each month to print.

The first is filled with outdoor activities, the other inside options. A progressive parade of vocabulary and phrase-building.

I jump...I jump over...I jump over a crack...I jump over a big crack!

A mini slideshow accompanies the posters, naturally, so you can pronounce what you see.

Let the learning follow you throughout the rhythm of your day.

Personalized bonus: if you ask a vocabulary question on a call, we will not only answer it, we will also send you via email the sound bite so you can not only spell but also pronounce your new word.

For my knitting, sewing, crocheting and crafting friends; a free mini-course to guide you through a visit to the fabric/yarn shop or the little boutiques called "La Mércèrie" in France. This is also a complete slide show/audio/transcript bonus.

Merci and photo credits to:

Photo by Sestrjevitovschii Ina on Unsplash (the adorable girl with a basket)

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash (the sweet kid playing with wooden blocks)