The more it is a part of your world, the more French is going to stick. This means hearing, repeating and using your French, and seeing it in every place you are every day. How can you help but pick it up? I would suggest using good tape and your eyes.

If you are the type to enjoy placing sticky notes in strategic places, or you like to write in pretty calligraphy, labeling your home may be just the ticket for you. I love notes, I learn by reading, so labeling everything from the flour and sugar to my linen closet has definite appeal. If you'd like to improve your vocabulary this way, here are a few to start with, or if you and your little ones like to draw, you can label the parts in the house that you draw. Use a really big sheet of paper!

Chez nous: our home

Chez moi: my home

Chez toi: your home

une maison: house

un appartement: the apartment

la porte: the door

le mur: the wall

le placard: the cupboard/the closet

la table: the table

par terre: on the floor/but: le sol: the floor

le plafond: the ceiling

la chaise: the chair

le frigo: the fridge

le congélateur: the freezer

l'évier: the kitchen sink

le four: the oven

la cuisinière: the stove (please be careful if you label this)

le four à micro-ondes: the microwave oven

le tiroir: the drawer

le plan de travail: the (kitchen) counter

la farine: the flour

le sucre: sugar

le sel: salt

la lampe: the lamp

l'interrupteur: the light switch

le tableau: the painting

la salle de bain: the bathroom

le lavabo: the bathroom sink

la baignoire: the bathtub

la douche: the shower

le porte-serviette: the towel rack

la serviette: towel

le gant de toilette: wash cloth

le savon: soap

le shampooing: shampoo

le dentifrice: toothpaste

la brosse à dents: toothbrush

la brosse à cheveux: hairbrush

la glace: the mirror

la chambre: the bedroom

le lit: the bed

le bureau: the desk

le couloir: the hallway

l'ascenseur: the elevator

la fenêtre: the window

l'escalier: the stairs

le grenier: the attic

le sous-sol: the basement

le salon: the living room

le canapé: the sofa

le fauteuil: the armchair

la moquette: the carpet

le tapis: the rug

la table basse: the coffee table

le meuble: the item of furniture

la cheminée: the fireplace

la porte-fenêtre: the French door

la salle de...: the room for...

classe: lessons

gym: exercise

cinéma: movie

le bureau: the office

l'ordinateur: the computer

le portable: the laptop

la tablette: tablet

la taille-crayon: pencil sharpener

l'étagère: the shelf

le cahier: notebook

le cartable: book bag (school bag shaped like a mini-briefcase)

le sac à dos: backpack

le piano: piano

Vous-voulez learn more? Please, be our guest and see below!

Angela et Thierry