-No trip this year?

-No loss!

-Bring French into your home today!

-The romance of Paris

-The glory of Quebec

-Enjoy it all!

-Start speaking today, right away.

-And make France chez vous!

Speak with confidence

Say what you say every day:

but in French!

Be a French speaker.

Order, argue, tease...in French.

Greet with affection:

Mon petit chou...my small cream-puff? Oui, it is true...in France.

Lovingly tell your




"Hello my dearest heart" at any time of the day!

Bonjour from your instructors:


French court interpreter, excels at imparting her favorite second language to all seekers. She is CONVINCED you will love reigniting your French with her.

She lived in France for half of her adult life, pursuing wave-watching on the Atlantic shore, learning to cook and to enjoy life the French way.

She holds a master's degree in French/English translation from the Université de Bordeaux.

She lives with her husband, Thierry and their five fantastic children, in two languages and between two continents.



who is passionate about sharing his Gallic culture and language.

Although he moved across the big pond to better see life from an American perspective (for his wife and children) and ended up remaining, he is and always will be the French guy.

He knows what it takes to learn a language; the nuances, the parts that never do make it into a textbook.

He lends his native French competence and a great tolerance for all the ways one can mispronounce his name and other French words.

Join us, and bring a joyous French vibe to your house.

They share 5 kids and 27 years of marriage.

Together, they bring you along on this marvelous journey BEFORE your voyage.

Take a new look at life through French rose-colored glasses.

French for the once-upon-a-time French speakers:

French at Home: a Conversation

And for the beginner-to-mid-level French speakers:

French at Home: a Debut

I had fun doing this class. As a beginner, working on pronunciation was a challenge, but the audio, visual and written all work together to make it easy. The dialogs reflect what happens in my day. It is easy to find spots to use them throughout the day with my husband. The video calls gave me a chance to practice, to get the sounds to be French, to do it over, if I wanted to talk and get advice. This is unlike every other time I tried to learn French, with a cassette or a book or a program online.

Mary Rand

J'ai apprécié ce course! My friend and I committed to calling each other each day to go over the dialogue and the vocabulary on the resource page. We had fun swapping roles, dramatizing the dialogue, and discussing how we might incorporate the phrases in future conversations. We are looking forward to more adventures in conversing en français. Merci beaucoup!

I had a blast being a part of it... it became a focal point for my week, which was really nice. My speaking partner was sweet and funny and a great guy. We were well-matched in our levels of French and willingness to make mistakes with each other. We may try having future conversations, maybe every few weeks, to keep being able to practice. I was nervous about it all, but Angela and Thierry made it easy and interesting.

Theresa Alberti writer and creator at: http://penandmoon.com/

Want more?

Explore "French at Home" and turn your day into a feast of French.

Go from hesitant to conversant in 4 weeks, chez vous!

French at Home: a Conversation

And for the beginner-to-mid-level French speakers:

French at Home: a Debut