French Please!

Oui, You Can Speak French!

French Forgotten...and Found?

I am entirely sympathetic. You are not sure you have it in you, this year, this week. You might sound ridiculous. It is just too late. You have forgotten most of it, and your memory is not improving for regular life, much less another language. You'd rather watch the news. It's that bad. But it...


The Biggest French Classroom in the World and the Anticipation is Beyond Belief

Or at least that's the way it feels! As we move into the beginning of the enrollment week for these French lessons I dreamed up years and years ago, my excitement is just barely contained. It all started with the idea of rhythm; the rhythm of the seasons, the rhythm of a day, and how language...


Le Rêve...Dream On

Relax, pour yourself something nice; green tea, fizzy water or a sparkling glass of champagne to celebrate this new chapter in your life. You have waited a long time to conquer this task of French language fluency. You are about to invite a language, a culture or more than one; (Canada,...