I observe and study language learning going on in the world every day, there is a pattern, there are common threads, because language binds us, lets us share: joy, sorrow, a joke, and the fact that I need the shower in ten minutes, could you hurry up?

Let's picture a typical morning in a family in France. We are staying with my in-laws for the weekend, all seven of us, and as each person wakes and emerges from their sleeping quarters; a bedroom, the mezzanine, a sofa, we seek out those already up and about in the kitchen. Each and every person greets the other with two kisses, la bise, one on each cheek and says; "Bonjour, as-tu bien dormi?" Good morning, did you sleep well? "Oui, merci."

This may or may not look like what happens in your own home, but the ease with which the phrases can be incorporated can begin your day in French in nothing flat. La bise is optional, but a nice touch.

Whatever the phrase of the day happens to be, it can be used in the same or different ways throughout the course of the day and week. Just make sure it is something that needs to be said and that it will ensure a response, either verbal or action. How many times a day does the phrase "Pick up this XYZ, please." get repeated? Think of all of the things you could list to pick up! You could even make a rotating list in 7 languages, one for each day of the week. The statement will elicit a response; the item will get picked up, or an excuse will be proffered; "Just a sec, mama." Is there not also a never-ending supply of excuses? Just try one per day, and hope for action most of the time. You see the beauty of the system? Humans invented languages, it is human to keep mulling them over and reaching out for new ways to express ourselves.

Photo credit: Photo by Flávia Gava on Unsplash, thank you! Perfect, because our family has 3 Alices!