As it is for anyone hot on the trail of a new idea; at times that idea will encroach upon my sleep. So it was that as a tech-phobic, but-semi-wiling-to-learn website creator, my dreams last night featured an extra block, with my least favorite color flashing at me with insistence. The stuff of nightmares.

A block?

This is a neat little unit on Teachable that allows you, Minecraft style, to populate your website with bits and pieces of text, images and video that help enhance what you have to offer the world. This has been so very useful to me, because I am a woman of words. I love languages.

English comes first: my cradle, my home; French as the one who introduced me to the world as no other; cuisine, the waves of the ocean, passion...and all other languages because they exist, they express what your own mind and tongue have no words to say.

Words, alas, do not make for great copy, so the invention of the "image plus text" and some solid advice from other successful founders of online business have nudged me towards the addition of images everywhere, leaving my too-preciously-held words behind for a breath or two.

I will obsess over how things look, over the BEST way to do the thing that must be done, the SUPERIOR way to present this block. Those same generous and wise architects have urged me not to do so. This must have been what led me to the recurring floating extra block in my sleeping head.

But I remembered the easy-peasy remedy for that in Teachable: Delete Block. Done. And deep between dusk and dawn, between half asleep and half awake, came the thought; Do the same for your stressed out, crunched up body, delete that big knot of stress. As it disappeared from the page, it slid down and away, (least favorite color and all). leaving me relaxed and ready, at last, for a peaceful, relaxed (d├ętendu) little snooze before the morning.

When your heart's desire is to bring your dormant French back to life:

Free French Terms of Endearment Mini-Course